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On-site Cannabis Consumption Lounge & Smoke Shop

Move over Amsterdam, a new wave of cannabis culture is coming through. Introducing The Luna Lounge, Illinois first on-site cannabis consumption lounge.  We have created a lush, luxurious, and intimate space ,fully ADA compliance facility: including parking, entrance, and restrooms. 


When you enter  The Luna Lounge  you will be greeted by one of our extremely knowledgeable and friendly crew members, who will help you with all of your consumption needs or help you find the perfect cannabis consumption product.  Patrons are able to stop in for quick purchase in our expansive smoke shop, or grab a seat and stay a while. Regardless if you are a seasoned toker or trying cannabis for the first time, we are all here to ensure your time at The Luna Lounge is anything but ordinary and truly extraordinary.   

Within the space you will find a VIP seating area, , a mix of seating that will include couches and  loungers for a relaxing, comfortablle stay. Or pull up a chair at one of our tables and play a game of cards with a new friend.  We will have a wide range of personal entertainment options at all times, this will include: board games, cards, touch-tunes jukebox, video games, craft areas and so much more. 

We wanted to create a space for people who enjoy cannabis and nightlife, and for anyone who is looking to learn more about Cannabis and its uses or effects. Each crew member will be trained and educated at a standard well above your average consumer. Each crew member will have an in depth knowledge of cannabis, terpenes, endocannabinoids, state laws, patient strain matching and let us not forget the fun stuff they know too. Each crew member  of The Luna Lounge will be able to assist with all your consuming needs: one-on-one rolling, glass or dab setup, or serve you up a sweet treat from our pre-made or pre-packaged menu. 

                                                                Come join us for a night you'll never forget.

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It is up to us as a community to continue the education surrounding cannabis, not only for people familiar with this amazing plant, but for the people whom have grown to fear it. The real Reefer Madness that was presented in the 1920's still burns heavily well into the year 2021. Over the past 100 years science has prevailed and we have discovered new uses for this amazing plant which includes recreational and medicinal creations such as topicals, edibles, concentrates, and a whole new world of cannabis strains that can be very overwhelming to a patron using cannabis for the first time. Thats why The Luna Lounge was founded and created.

Monthly speakers and seminars will take place to help educate and encourage cannabis understanding and use. We want to show the world just how amazing and beneficial cannabis can be to people of all ages. If you are suffering from an ailments or illness and you have decided that taking a handful pf prescriptions a day sounds awful, let us show you a new form of herbal medicine. We are a 21 and over establishment but will host seminars to the community outside our facility to ensure everyone has access to the same information. 

The Luna Lounge was created for YOU. We want to know what you would like to see or learn within these walls as well. Stop by for an in person experience like no other, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns: please email us directly at



Sesser's Luna Lounge poised to becoming Illinois' first pot consumption lounge.

                                                          -The Southern.

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Over a hundred of your smoking related products.

Intimate seats and lounge spaces.

First on-site Lounge in Illinois.

Nights a week filled with events.

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No events at the moment
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No events at the moment


"THE JOINT", nestled inside The Luna Lounge is an immersive Smoke Shop and gift shop that will provide patrons with everything from rolling papers, locally blown glass, art, rolling trays, volcanos, e-nail rigs, dab rigs, cones, and everything in between. Locally blown glass selections, as well as local art and photography will change monthly. We will be ahead of the curve and provide patrons with the newest and hottest cannabis and smoking devices and products as they are released. 

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