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Open our door.

Step onto the leopard carpet.

Glide through the greenery and velvet curtains.                      

...and walk into an experience you will be talking about for weeks.

The Luna Lounge is an on-site cannabis consumption lounge and smoke shop.

Greeted by one of our friendly crew members you will be asked if you are consuming with us, or just stopping in for a quick purchase.

The Luna Lounge is a bring your own cannabis lounge, we do not sell cannabis, we only house CBD and DELTA8 products, and a full stocked smoke shop.


Our smoke shop is available to shop anytime of the day, but if you would like to stay and access the lounge you will be required to pay the current house fee.


What is a house fee?


A house fee is the fee paid by the patron to access that on-site cannabis consumption lounge and enjoy our space for as long as you choose for the day. The house fee will be set at a standard $4.20 and will only change for special events. Live bands and performers will be ticket and house fee based and will change per event. The house fee for special events will be listed for the event on the calendar under entertainment. 

We will have wide range of seating including: VIP booth, comfy chairs, couches, and tables with chairs. 

We will offer rental pieces to consume your products, including a dab bar.

Snack and food options will range from pre-packed food and snacks, as well as a yummy food truck outside.

The Luna Lounge is lounge for tokers and jokers and a place to meet new friends. Come solo or bring a group, we want to meet all of you!

Daily events in the lounge space will include:

Monday Game and Movie Night

Tuesday Trivia 

Wednesday Paint and PUFF

Thursday Stand-up & Open Mic Comedy

Friday & Saturday Live Music & Shows

Saturday & Sunday Morning Yoga Sesh


 Stay up to date by subscribing to our page or check back with our calendar regularly: because you never know who might pop up.

Image by Girl with red hat

What is a Luna Lounge and what should I expect?






-Do you have an entry fee?

Yes, the daily house fee is $4.20 and changes during special events. All special event ticket information can be found on the ENTERTAINMENT calendar.

-Do you serve food?

Due to local and state smoking laws we are unable to prepare and serve food in the venue, however, we do offer pre-packaged food, snack and drink options inside. On nights and weekends we will have a yummy food truck outside. We have also teamed with local restaurants and pubs to deliver to our venue to satisfy all your munchie needs.

-Do you sell cannabis?

No, we are not a dispensary. We do carry CBD and Delta8 products.

-Do you have live music, performances and special events?

Yes, yes and YES.

-Can we say "I do" in your venue?

We would love to host your big day. And we are more than stoked to be the states first and only cannabis friendly wedding and event venue. 

-Can I bring my own cannabis?

Absolutely, we are a bring your own cannabis bar.

-Can I bring my own smoking pieces?

If you are a monthly member you may store your favorite small piece on site. We have a wide stock of rental pieces for each patron, and our smoke shop has all your consuming needs. 

-Do you have music?

Yes, we have touch tunes for you to pick all your favorite music whenever you please, and we have live music on the weekends. 

-Do you have games?

A whole wall of them.

-What is your capacity?

60 cozy seats.

-Do you sell alcohol?


-What do you sell in your smoke shop?

We have every cannabis related product you could imagine. We sell small to large hand pipes, bubblers, water pipes, grinders, rolling trays, wraps, rolling papers, CBD and DELTA8 products.

-What payments do you accept?

Cash or credit.

Do  you have a spot for local artists and vendors?

We a billion percent do, we love locally made crafts, arts, and glass and accept pieces on commission base. Contact us for more details

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